We are

A creative development studio that cares deeply about building great user experiences. We help businesses craft sites, apps and playful games on the web.

The 14islands HQ

We care
about the web.

We believe that great user experiences are what sets companies apart in the digital age; Good design and performance, natural and playful interactions, enjoyable on all devices and screen sizes. This is the work we do.

Hjörtur and Natalia getting some work done
Hjörtur and Natalia getting some work done

We love
what we do.

There’s always something cooking in the 14islands kitchen. We are constantly experimenting with emerging technologies, and never miss an opportunity to give talks or workshops on development.

The 14islands team Hanging out in the office.
The 14islands team Hanging out in the office.

The 14islands blog is our main channel for sharing our latest findings and clever techniques. We update our Codepen frequently with inspiring animations or small snippets of code.

Meet the

We are proud of our multicultural background and our differences only make us stronger as a team. We like to keep it playful and belive in having fun.

David Lindkvist


  • Creative Developer.
  • Serious drummer.
  • Swedish.
Hjörtur Hilmarsson


  • Creative Developer.
  • Super dad.
  • Icelandic.
Marco Barbosa


  • Creative Developer.
  • Likes to barbecue.
  • Brazilian.
Natalia Wojtkowska


  • Creative Developer.
  • Enjoys photography.
  • Polish.