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What we do

As technology becomes core to every company, our job is to make digital experiences that create human connections. Websites and products that spark joy and bring value to both people and businesses.

Photo of Sarah organizing post-its on a whiteboard while Hjörtur is on his laptop


Design sprints & workshops.

Design sprints and workshops establish a common vision and give you the ability to move fast from ideation and prototyping to implementation. We empower your people to innovate, iterate and collaborate openly.

Business & user research.

By evaluating your business needs and finding core customer insights, we help you develop truly tailored experiences and build meaningful relationships between your business and customers.

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Digital branding.

Modern brands are digital-first. They evoke people's emotions through craft and motion — and they look good on any screen or medium. We design brands that speak to your audience and stand out amidst the information abundance of today.

Experience & interface design.

Websites, products, games — we design interfaces that are both functional and fun to use. The experiences we create tell engaging stories, guide people to do the right thing, and shape long-lasting connections.

Photo of david coding on his laptop


Creative development.

We write code. Html, JavaScript, CSS, React… the whole package. We have a lot of experience doing it and, most importantly, build things the right way. We make sure to create scalable solutions that are fast and maintainable by your team in the future.

Emerging technologies.

We love to experiment with emerging technologies such as VR, AR, AI, 3D (WebGL) and look for the best tech solutions for innovative ideas, making sure that our tech recommendations fit your goal. Check out our lab for our latest experiments.

Clients & partners

We're lucky to work with great startups, agencies and leading brands in the world.

Our team

We're a nimble team of designers and developers from all around the world. We have many years of experience in the field, love our craft and never take ourselves too seriously.

Photo of Hjörtur

Hjörtur Hilmarsson


Hjörtur has a cat that is really sweet. He also has a wife and two kids. Hjörtur likes basketball and is still a huge Michael Jordan fan. Born and raised in Iceland, he decided to move to Sweden the day Eyjafjallajökull erupted.

Photo of Sarah

Sarah Létourneau

Experience Designer

Sarah comes from the east side of Canada. She uses every opportunity to climb high walls and stay active surfing, skiing and eating “real” maple syrup. Sarah takes good care of our office plants and is on the lookout for a friendly dog.

Photo of David

David Lindkvist

Creative Tech Director

David comes from a small town in Sweden called Sandviken. He is a talented developer with a dark history as a death-metal band drummer and kettlebell lifter. David is a soon-to-be dad for the second time.

Photo of Myriam

Myriam Penot

Visual Designer

Born and raised in France, Myriam has been traveling the world to finally land in Stockholm. She brings positive energy to work every day, while drinking tea. Myriam likes to bike everywhere she goes and has a very complex relationship with cheese.

Photo of Stefan

Stefan Vitasovic

Creative Developer

Stefan is a dedicated cat owner and a musician from Serbia. He moved to Sweden just before the covid-19 lockdown. Having a big appetite for creativity, Stefan judges websites at night for Awwwards and CSS Design awards.

Photo of Aline

Aline Kesting

Visual Designer

Aline is a complex mix from Germany and France. She is a brilliant designer but always dreamed of writing code. At night, she plays retro video games but also attends yoga classes. Aline is the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

Photo of Marco

Marco Barbosa

Managing Director

Marco is a creative coder from sunny Floripa in Brazil. Apart from taking care of his boy, his three favorite things in life are making food, eating food and warming up the BBQ. Marco also runs our South American leg.

Photo of Vitor

Vitor Dino

Creative Developer

Vitor comes from the capital of Brazil, called Brasília (duh!). He is a graphic designer gone creative developer. In his free time, Vitor likes old-school photography, using film that he produces in a darkroom. He also takes good care of his two cool cats.