Vardagskampen game

Everyday tasks are a struggle for those living with Parkinson's Disease. To advance empathy for the cause, we recreated the feeling of Parkinson's in a game.

Neuroförbundet (Neuro) is a Swedish charity organization that supports people with brain diseases. They wanted to launch a campaign to raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease in particular, and fundraise for this worthy cause.

To meet that mission, we created a game for them called Vardagkampen, which in Swedish means everyday struggle. Our buddies at Bedow were responsible for the concept and identity, while we developed the entire game experience and delivered polished digital design.

Vardagskampen on tablet
Vardagskampen on phone
Vardagskampen on phone
Vardagskampen on tablet

Everyday struggle

For those who don't live with Parkinson's, it can be hard to imagine how challenging life can be every single day. Even basic tasks like changing a lightbulb or brushing teeth can be a struggle.

We built a game that would recreate the feeling of loss of precision in one's movements. As users attempt to accomplish tasks, vibrations interfere with their ability.

3 Vardagskampen mobile deisngs
Person holding an smartphone with Vardagskampen result page
Train wagon with Vardagskampen advertising

A progressive app experience

We built the whole experience as a Progressive Web App to make it feel native on people's smartphones. Quick to load and snappy with an app-like appearance on iOS and Android.

After completing the game, people are encouraged to act on empathy and donate to Neuroförbundet's cause. Technologically, we made that donation experience seamless by integrating with Swish, the number one Swedish money-transfer app.

  • Canvas
    drawing graphics
  • Greensock
    animation library
  • Lottie
    animation exporter
  • Express
    website framework
  • Modernizr
    feature detection
  • Stylus
    CSS pre-processor
  • Pug
    template engine
  • Cloudflare
    distribution network
  • Heroku
    cloud platform
Vardagskampen on phone
Vardagskampen on phone

Giving for better living

It feels great to support a good cause as we did no this project. People enjoyed the game, made donations and awareness was raised for the Parkinson disease.

Check out the game and make sure to try to pass a level - it’s harder then you think.

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