Education platform

Is the world getting better? We created a powerful learning platform with UNDP Sweden, teaching key facts about our world’s development.

UNDP Sweden approached us to pitch for a project with good intentions and big ambitions. The goal was to create an engaging experience for young adults to increase their knowledge about the state of the world.

The matter is close to our hearts and we jumped on the opportunity — and won the pitch. 14islands took on the whole project from user research and conception to the final design and development until launch.

What we did:

  • User research
  • Concept strategy
  • Branded experience
  • Tone of voice strategy
  • Visual design
  • Motion Design
  • User testing
  • Video production
  • Creative development
  • CMS integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Back-end integration

Knowledge is power

In collaboration with UNDP Sweden, we designed the user research phase to understand better how the Swedish youth feels about the world today, their online preferences, and how they most enjoy learning.

We built the whole experience to motivate and reward learnings. Promoting knowledge for a better world, users get votes for every fact they learn. Collected votes can be used to share opinions with leading Sweden and United Nations representatives.

A leading-edge learning experience

Besides user interviews, we conducted card sorting exercises and tested visual directions to create a leading-edge learning tool that students want to keep using after school. Hashtag navigation, immersive facts, and video series let people dive into topics that spark their interest and smoothly navigate from one learning to another.

We used electric flat color compositions and isolated animated data to help our users remember and focus on important info. We created interactive fake 3D stickers to deliver more details about a given fact. Always associating information with a visual cue to increase memorability.

Stronger together

This project motivated us to create a highly performant and smooth web experience with playful pop colors and vibrant animations. We made reactions and voting realtime to craft a sense of community as people interact with the site.

Prismic was the CMS of choice, and we structured it with flexibility in mind, ensuring that it would meet future platform needs.

  • React
    Javascript framework
  • Gatsby
    Web framework
  • Framer Motion
    Animation library
  • Netlify
    Hosting platform
  • Prismic
    Content management
  • ThreeJS
    Graphics library
  • Firebase
    Database services
  • Google Tag Manager
    User analytics

14islands helped us with the challenging task of turning the immensely popular book ‘Blir världen bättre?’ about global development into a digital knowledge platform for youth. They did a splendid job turning a text-focused and complex book into a fun, interesting and really stunning digital experience. We are very pleased with the result from the hard work and dedication by the 14islands team hopefully transforming the way that a younger generation can access information and learn about a complex world.

Caroline Åberg, UNDP Sweden Representative

Vote for a better world

It’s been amazing to see the experience take off in the real world. Young people in Sweden have voted with Climate, Education, and Peace being the most casted ballots.

UNDP Sweden’s goal was to create a long-lasting platform, and we’re excited to see it grow and flourish further into the future.

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