Proxy Dashboard

We joined a collaborative journey with Proxy to re-imagine how people manage access to their workplaces and buildings.

Keys and cards are old school. The San Francisco startup Proxy provides touch-free access to buildings using an app. They're building a digital identity signal for the physical world.

Proxy wanted to create the best experience on the market for access management. We joined the challenge to design and build a scalable platform for all their future services.

What we did:

  • User research
  • Design sprints
  • User testings
  • Product design
  • Web design
  • Design system
Front-end development
  • Back-end integration
Image of Proxy dashboard on an iPad alongside a Proxy reader
Proxy Access Manager App on a tablet
Proxy Visitors App on a phone

A scalable platform for stronger growth

After conducting workshops with Proxy's CEO and Director of Engineering, we designed a better core experience suited to the brand's long-term vision. Customers were already eager to get their hands on the new platform, so we needed to move swiftly.

We created a flexible dashboard architecture which allows customers to use different Proxy services based on user goals. Proxy Access is the go-to service to control who, when and how people access buildings. With Proxy Visitors, office managers can create tailored mobile check-in and visit experiences.

Image showing 3 desktop layouts of Proxy apps overlayed
Man tapping his phone on a door reader to open it

Complexity made easy

Proxy had just released a new digital brand identity that we adopted to make a user-friendly product experience. A dark interface lets admins analyze company-wide content while light workspaces allow detailed tasks on site-specific levels. The interface gives admins a clear separation between their company overview on Proxy Dashboard and detailed services such as Proxy Access and Visitors.

We worked iteratively with the Proxy team running recurrent user interviews and testing to make a complex management tool simple to use. The end result was a co-creation of the most user-friendly and modern physical security platform on the market.

2 screenshots of People Directory inside the Proxy Manage App
Sarah drawing multiple wireframes on a whiteboard with black and red pens
Some Proxy component design

Making a joyful app

Our technology focus was realising the designs in the best possible way while enhancing the experience with smooth transitions, good performance and joyful details.

Together we built a scalable front-end using reusable components and worked closely with the engineers at Proxy to ensure state of the art delivery.

  • React
    Javascript framework
  • Gatsby
    web framework
  • Redux
    storage framework
  • Framer Motion
    animation library
  • SCSS
    styles pre-processing
  • CSS Modules
    styles in-code
  • Netlify
    hosting platform
  • Serverless
Image showing a reader floating while connected to its settings on the app
Mobile design for the 'Invite People' flow

14islands did an amazing job in designing and developing the Proxy Dashboard together with us.

This required very tight collaboration and incremental deliveries over many months until final delivery. We are extremely pleased with the outcome, resulting in a well-received experience for our customers.

Henrik Hussfelt, Director of Engineering at Proxy
A photo showing a laptop running Proxy Invite App

A long-lasting collaboration

It was crucial to the success of this project to work closely with Proxy's engineer, product and marketing teams. Along with the Proxy Dashboard and services, we partnered to design and develop the Proxy Developer Portal and helped evolve

This dashboard has gotten lots of positive feedback from customers and sets Proxy apart in the access management space.

Proxy’s 'All Sites' page running on an table
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