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PolyAI is developing the best voice AI you'll ever speak to on the phone. Our teams joined forces to craft a strategic design foundation for PolyAI Studio — the smoothest product to create human-like voice assistant dialogues.

PolyAI is a startup founded by Cambridge scientists. The mission? To teach machines to understand natural language, hold human-like conversations, and revolutionize the customer service experience.

We worked with PolyAI product team to define, design, and develop the foundation for PolyAI Studio, a web app enabling conversation designers to manage powerful dialogue flows in the most simple way.

What we did:

  • User interviews
  • Product design
  • Design system
  • User testing
  • Front-end development
  • API integration

Visualizing the conversation storylines

Human conversations are complex and can take a multitude of different turns. We needed a powerful tool to help users organize, design, and build dialogues that are easy to manage, maintain and scale.

After gathering insights from user interviews and conducting workshops with PolyAI CTO and VP of Product, we created the product architecture, design principles, and design system.

Clear hierarchy and information levels

To make complex AI conversations simple to manage, we needed to guide users to create a well-structured and organized dialogue.

We created a canvas where users can drag-n-drop nodes and connect the narrative flow. So whether the dialogue is linear or not, it's always easy to follow. With node nesting and grouping, we can progressively unfold layers of the dialogue, giving an overview and a detailed view depending on the context of use.

AI with ease

Our task was to develop an application foundation for PolyAI to build upon into the future, picking technologies in collaboration with their team.

One of the exciting parts was crafting the flow designer, allowing users to construct AI dialogs smoothly and with ease.

  • React
    JavaScript library
  • React Flow Renderer
    Interactive graphs
  • Gatsby
    Web framework
  • Sass
    CSS pre-processor
  • Create React App
    Application foundation
  • Restful API
    Programmable interfaces

The 14islands team has been instrumental in shortening the time to market of the PolyAI Studio, our low-code conversational AI platform. The design team first helped us iterate over the scope of the first release based on user research, competitive analysis, and rapid usability testing. This was crucial to set the right information architecture and visual language. The tech team then led the implementation before successfully transferring the ownership over to our team. Since then, the Studio became a key pillar of our value proposition and is being used by our customers and partners.

Vincent Dollet, VP of Product

The key pillar

We had a shared passion for crafting outstanding experiences that turned out to be a perfect fit for a strong collaboration.

The PolyAI Studio has become a key pillar of the company’s value proposition in the market and is being used by PolyAI's many customers and partners.

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