Like a good movie, the video agency Myriad's website tells a story with motion, full of playful interactions and surprises.

Myriad is a well-established video production agency in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, working with technology and social impact brands to make video that makes a difference.

The idea to design and build a creative site for Myriad got us excited from day one. It allowed us to flex our storytelling skills with veterans in the field.

What we did:

  • Brand adaptation
  • Concept strategy
  • UX — User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Creative development
  • CMS integration
Screenshot of a phone showing the Myriad website

The unexpected twist

Videos are front and center on the Myriad website. Dark interfaces give focus to videos in a cinematic way, often in full-screen mode or with horizontal scrolling to create the sense of a timeline.

We used motion to infuse emotion into the site. It opens with an intro animation to hook people into the scene and colourful transitions guide the users in which directions to scroll. At the end of each page, surprising interactions bring unexpected twists to the story.

Behind the scenes

Myriad Originals are videos with a purpose, using creativity for good. Originals open people's minds about subjects such as immigration and transgender sexuality, and get to play a significant role on the site.

There is also behind-the-scenes material about the work, company and crew. Those parts have a bright background and display the human side of Myriad.

Sometimes you just know when you’ve found an exceptional partner. They exceed your expectations. They inspire you in every meeting. They surprise you with their creativity. They teach you things you’ve never thought you needed to know, which quickly becomes key to the project’s success. They make you think harder, yet make things easier for you.

Their team feels like an extension of your own. They are personal, yet professional. And, on top of all of that, you share values by which to live your life and produce work. This might sound a bit unreal, but it’s 14islands in a nutshell — a creative partner that I wish we could have hired again as soon as our project was completed.

Jedidiah Gant, Brand Director at Myriad

Production values

We solved many technical challenges during production: mixing horizontal and vertical scrolling and serving pages with many videos quickly, to name a few.

It was a fully responsive experience, featuring a flexible CMS system, making content editing a breeze for the Myriad team.

  • Gatsby
    Web framework
  • Netlify
    Hosting provider
  • React
    JavaScript framework
  • Prismic
    Content management
  • React Motion
    Animation library
  • Google Tag Manager
    Tag management solution

Feel-good ending

The whole project was a rewarding collaboration where two creative teams put their minds together. Every meeting sparked new ideas and directions to explore, forming an enjoyable user experience in the end.

Since its launch, has won multiple awards and been a major boost for Myriad as an agency.

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