Dog Subscription Club

Dogs bring so much joy, and owners want to make sure they're around for as long as possible, so we created a full-blown subscription service for custom healthy dog food.

JustFoodForDogs makes healthy dog food, hand-crafted in their boutique kitchens based in California, USA. They wanted a brand, website and subscription service that would draw in pet owners and provide a simple, easy shopping experience.

We tackled everything from design to development, evolving an initial idea into a full-blown customer journey. The service allows dog owners to personalize recipes and have food shipped directly to their door.

What we did:

  • Art direction
  • Brand design
  • Web design
  • Product design
  • Motion design
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
Filling dog profile on a smartphone: gender
Filling dog profile on a smartphone: body type
Natural dog food inside a tablet

A cuddly place on the web

We created a playful yet slick brand experience, balancing JustFoodForDogs' well-known expertise in dog nutrition with the joy the furry friends bring into owners' lives. The final identity is full of cuddly and vibrant feels, pairing joyful photos with animated illustrations.

Unlike traditional dog food, these vet-composed recipes use ingredients approved for human consumption — if doggo is willing to share. Showing the freshness and quality was a big part of the visual identity, and we went all-in, illustrating what nature has to offer when healthy ingredients are mixed together into a bowl of love.

Screenshots for the website and the app

On a mission: healthier, happier dogs

Every dog has different nutritional needs. Customers can create a profile for their unique dog by answering just a few simple questions. We built the experience to give instant feedback in the form of fun facts, such as the dog's age in human years.

Even though they're quite complex to build, subscription sites must seem simple to users. Through their account, users can view and manage upcoming deliveries, recipes, pet profiles and payments at any time. It's a simple and intuitive customer experience.

illustration of 'food + love = box' pointing to a happy dog

14islands is the best outside partner I’ve ever worked with. In just three months, they designed and developed a brand new subscription service that leapt ahead of our competitors right out of the gate. I would wholeheartedly recommend 14islands for both design and development any day.

Tian Wang, Chief Digital Officer at JustFoodForDogs
Some of the icons we created for the project

The modern toolset

Many parts went into building the website: a lightning-fast marketing site, an interactive signup flow, account pages, payment processing. We even built an admin tool for JustFoodForDogs to provide great customer support.

Using a modern toolset, we crafted an experience that could handle everything from signup to deliveries and customer emails. It's a fully responsive site, too, so users get an excellent experience on any device.

  • Stripe
    payment processing
  • VueJS
    Javascript framework
  • Avalara
    tax solution
  • Lottie
    animation exporter
  • Ruby on Rails
    application framework
  • Modernizr
    feature detection
  • Heroku
    cloud platform

Love is a four-legged word

We had a great time designing and developing this service with JustFoodForDogs and were happy to help create a healthier dog community in the US 🐶. And after finalizing this project, we definitely all wanted dogs.

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