Google interland

We jumped at the opportunity to be the main technology partner for this adventure-packed Google experience that teaches kids about digital citizenship.

Google Interland is an immersive world consisting of four web-based games to teach kids about different aspects of online safety. For instance, on Mindful Mountain, kids learn how to "share with care."

We were the main technology partner on the fantastic journey of creating Interland, directed by our friends at North Kingdom. We brought many creative solutions to the table, ensuring the games were not just educational but as fun and engaging as possible for young kids.

Google Interland on mobile
Google Interland on tablet
Google Interland on tablet
Google Interland loading screen

Playful storytelling with a powerful purpose

As the hero, the blue Internaut stays with the player throughout the entire experience, but the other inhabitants of Interland also give life and personality to each part of the story.

Each game also has a villain, or Blabh, as we like to call them in Interland, which the player must overcome. The characters all have a number of animations, triggered based on what happens in the game, making them feel more lifelike.

Teaching kids to Be Internet Awesome

Interland is part of Google's “Be Internet Awesome” initiative, which teaches kids to be safer, more responsible citizens of the web. To accompany the games, we also created a companion site for parents and other people interested in this worthy cause.

We delivered the site as part of the Interland framework, focusing on providing quality content in a friendly, informative and responsive manner.

3 Google Interland mobile designs
Parent playing Google Interland with children

14islands proved once again that they are a reliable and trusted partner to work with. Always with a positive and problem solving attitude, making sure each project becomes as good as it possibly can be. Highly recommended.

Jakob Nylund, Design Director and Partner at North Kingdom
Tablet running Google Interland interacting with some of it’s characters

Getting creative with tech

This was a complex project that required a combination of creative technologies. At the core, we built a responsive web site using standard HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The 3D world is rendered on a canvas inside this framework using WebGL.

We take great pride in the fact that the whole experience runs smoothly even on older mobile phones.

  • Three.js
    3D library
  • WebGL
    3D web graphics
  • GreenSock
    animation library
  • Blender
    3D design tool
  • Lottie
    animation design tool
  • Pug
    template engine
  • Babel
    JavaScript compiler
  • Modernizr
    feature detection
  • Google App Engine
    cloud platform

Game on!

Since its release, Google Interland has been localized in 12 languages, helping keep children all over the world safer online. Google Interland was awarded by European Design Awards, the FWA Top 100, the FWA Site of the Day, and both the Awwwards Site of the Day and Developer Award.

It’s your turn to play your way to being Internet Awesome.
And remember, it’s cool to be kind.

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