A new way of playing football. We created two experiences for Goals; one to immerse in the game and another to present life at the studio.

Goals is a fast-paced, competitive, and cooperative football game for players of all abilities and backgrounds. The game is destined to release on multiple platforms.

The creative team behind Goals enlisted 14islands to design and develop two exciting websites - one for the game itself and another for their gaming studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

What we did:

  • Brand adaptation
  • Concept strategy
  • UX — User experience design
  • Art Direction
  • Visual design
  • Creative development
  • CMS integration

Come to play

We worked closely with the Goals team to understand their vision for the websites. Their goal (pun intended) was to attract players to the game and talented individuals to the studio.

The game and studio sites were to have different art directions and narratives while sharing components. We created mood boards and visual concepts and established design principles across the sites.

The game football deserves

We made a visually striking website to showcase the game's art direction. Goals is about how football feels so smooth motion was of the essence.

One key component of the design was a gallery component made out of a sphere, which arrived on a curve with images that were slightly bent to mimic the shape of a football.

Depth of the field

We crafted parallax scroll animations to make the site feel alive and deep, giving viewers the feeling that they’re on the football field playing the game.

By integrating Sanity CMS into the websites, we simplified content management for Goals and provided a scalable solution to support the websites as they grow over time.

  • React
    JavaScript library
  • NextJS
    JavaScript framework
  • SASS
    CSS pre-processor
  • WebGL
    Web graphics library
  • Three.js / R3f
    3D library
  • Sanity
    Content Management System

14islands were great to work with, they really understood our challenges, problems and the direction we were going for. The project required a very close collaboration from day one; and we felt very much like a part of the team rather than 'just a client' - it's the professional, process-driven yet friendly approach that I think made this project such a success. We are very happy with the result and what could have been a bumpy ride was made smooth by the ever so passionate team at 14islands! 

Filip Nordin, Head of Art

Showing the world of football

We delivered two websites that met the studio's goals of attracting both players to the game and talented individuals to the studio.

The sites were visually striking and interactive, effectively showcasing the game's art direction and immersing the viewer in the world of football.

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