Brand new identity & website

We created a new identity and website for Branded illustrating how using AI increases data quality within the market research industry.

Branded is a marketing research company that provides tailored data insight services offering unique AI capabilities.

Their team wanted a new site to demonstrate the value proposition: using AI to enable marketers to target distinct and relevant customer segments.

What we did:

  • Creative process guidance
  • Visual design
  • Motion design
  • CMS integration
  • Web development
  • UX research
  • UX content structure

Creating a solid foundation

We started with a series of workshops to collaborate directly with the Branded team. Our goal was to create a memorable and distinct brand experience that establishes an emotional connection with customers.

During the workshops, we dove into identifying their customers’ needs, analyzing their competition, and evolving Branded’s existing marketing to deliver concise, yet approachable messaging.

Delivering an unordinary experience

A new brand personality to complement the AI service was created — one that reflects knowledge, conveys trust, and feels genuine. Photography showing real people humanizes the data and creates direct, visual connections between people, data, and technology.

We chose a bold, vibrant color palette representing confidence and a fresh perspective, balanced with a trustworthy and tech-inspired typeface to position Branded as the intersection between cutting-edge technology and reliable marketing expertise.

Bringing data to life

Using animated illustrations, we showcased how Branded’s AI works to source extremely niche audiences and detect fraudulent data.

The website is built to be responsive, composed of reusable, interactive components, and to ensure a dynamic experience throughout the site. It works effortlessly and can be easily updated with the CMS.

  • React
    Javascript framework
  • Gatsby
    Web framework
  • Lottie
    SVG animation format
  • Netlify
    Hosting platform
  • Prismic
    Content management system
  • Framer motion
    Animation library

Working with 14islands was an absolute pleasure! The team did an excellent job redesigning the Branded Research website. Branded’s new site effectively communicates our value proposition to our clients, and the design is a perfect representation of our ethos. From beginning to end, our experience partnering with 14islands was the perfect balance of solid, proactive process and seamless execution.

Kristen Miles, Insights & Marketing

A multi-faceted impact

Thanks to a collaborative process right from the start, the whole project was a huge success. We are proud to deliver a brand experience that helped our partner effectively communicate their unique selling point and gain traction in the market.


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