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We are opening an office in Brazil

Hjörtur Hilmarsson2 min read

The rumours are true. We are opening an office in tropical Brazil.

Our co-founder Marco Barbosa became a proud father last year and made the move back to his Brazilian home town of Florianópolis, also simply known as Floripa. It was a big change in his life, but big changes often spark new opportunities.

Quickly, the idea was born to open 14islands office in Brazil.

Floripa is a beautiful city on the south coast of Brazil, famous for its perfect beaches, natural landscapes, excellent surfing, amazing seafood and modern lifestyle. It’s considered one of the best cities to live in Brazil and one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. And the center of the city is literally an island, which suits us perfectly.

But this is a great move for 14islands for other reasons, too. Brazil is a big country with vast possibilities, including new clients to work with, talents to hire and partnerships to be made.

Floripa is also a growing start-up hub and an emerging location for entrepreneurs that are forming new businesses. Local officials say they want it to become the Silicon Valley of Brazil (just with lots of beaches).

In a practical sense, as a company that often works remotely, the time zone in Brazil will further advance our collaboration with clients in North America, Asia and Australia.

Visual representation of our island in Brazil.

We are happy to say that we’ve already registered a company in Brazil, have a cozy office in place and, most importantly, have hired our first kick-ass developer to start this venture. It’s the beginning, and we’re excited to share more updates soon.

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Let’s make it happen!


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