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Ten years of 14islands and what it means for the future

Hjörtur Hilmarsson3 mins read

14islands is 10 years old today. Such a long time, yet it went by so fast.

It feels great to be a grown-up. We've never been in better shape as a studio.

Today, we're a team of fifteen multi-talented people, designing and building products, brands, and experiences every day of the week.

Our partners have also grown; projects are bigger, bolder, and more complex — which is all part of the fun.

How it all started

When we started the company a decade ago, we were three developers that loved to code.

It's kinda all we wanted to do; we just needed the business to turn it into a full-time job.

I remember us sitting at my kitchen table at home, jotting down ideas on what this new venture would be about.

Our passion was for the craft of design and development, and we wanted to use our energy and time to build joyful experiences for people.

We thought too many websites were unusable at the time, poorly designed, and didn't prioritize user needs high enough.

Even sites that were well designed were often poorly built, slow to load, or badly adapted for mobile devices. We wanted to fix this for ourselves and others — envisioning experiences that were functional, fun, and inspiring to use.

For us, it was a cause worth waking up for every day.

To infinity and beyond

In the past year, we've worked on projects related to sustainability, gaming, art, web 3.0, AI, and privacy. I can honestly say that we've never felt as excited about the potential of design and tech.

Humanity has big problems to solve around sustainability and to make the earth a better place. It will take changing the hearts and minds of people to make it happen.

The web will become more decentralized, AI smarter, the Metaverse magical, and humans will travel regularly to space. The craft of design will play a central role in making these experiences human-friendly.

We hope to continue to play a part in these developments.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank everyone who has made our journey possible.

Our amazing employees, clients, and friends — we salute you!

Let's build a better future together.


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